Nazareth Housing Services Homeowner Assistant Program

Nazareth Housing Services

Edward, 44, lost his sight as an adult. Prior to becoming blind he had a good job, and he is working with a vocational rehabilitation program to be able to return to productive work. Edward called us because there was a water service leak, and the family had been without water for over a month. With income well below average, and a history of financial problems, they had no access to credit, and were unable to afford the $3,350 cost of excavating and restoring water service. Nazareth Housing Services paid for this repair. Edward thanked us, saying "it is great to have water again; I am busy cleaning up the house. The first time I took a shower, I think I stood there for 45 minutes!"

Founded in 1994, Nazareth Housing Services helps lower income people have comfortable, safe and healthy housing. Many elderly or disabled homeowners wish to continue living in their own homes but lack sufficient funds for critical home maintenance, repairs, or modifications. We visit homeowners in their homes to help them evaluate their maintenance problems, determine the scope of work needed, and consider alternative solutions. We maintain a list of reliable professional contractors; depending on our funding availability, we may provide direct financial assistance to pay these professionals to make repairs and improvements, and/or help homeowners find additional financial resources. We are part of a network of housing counseling agencies under contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and our counseling is provided to clients free of charge. We participate in the Sustainable Housing Improvement Partnership together with Action-Housing Inc., The Pittsburgh Project, and Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh.