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Housing Resources



Nazareth Housing Services: Homeowner Intake Form

Nazareth Housing Services: Contractor Data Sheet

home repair support links

Allegheny County AHILP Loan Program

PA HEELP Loan Program

Pittsburgh URA Loan Program

Allegheny County Foreclosure Prevention Program

Action Housing Programs (Accessibility, Weatherization, Mortgage Counseling)

Conservation Consultants Inc. (Heating Assistance)

Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh

Habitat For Humanity

Pittsburgh Project

Dollar Bank Reverse Mortgage

housing placement + assistance resources

Thank you for reaching out to Nazareth Housing Services. We provide home repairs for existing homeowners and related counseling. Our programming does not place individuals in housing or assist in the search process. Here are some resources that might be helpful in your search. If you are a woman, a person with a disability, or a returning prisoner, there are additional resources for you listed here. We wish you the best of luck in your search. 

HUD and Voucher Programs
The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a lot of useful resources. For example:
How Do I Qualify to Buy a House with Low Income? outlines steps on how to qualify to buy a house with low-income, and is a good starting point on the steps you might need to take. (the article is based in San Francisco, but the steps would be similar in PA).

Housing Choice Vouchers Fact Sheet gives a good overview of HUD's Housing Choice Voucher program, including the different ways you can use the voucher (for rental apartment or a home).

Homeownership Vouchers explains HUD's Homeownership Voucher Program, which you may be eligible for. This program may be able to help you pay a monthly mortgage and assist with other homeowner expenses. This article also outlines eligibility requirements.
To apply for the voucher, you need to contact your local Public Housing Agency (PHA). You can search for PHAs. If you click the name of the PHA in blue, it will open the email contact. Search here.


Online Search for HUD Homes for Sale & Affordable Apartments

HUD Homes for Sale 

HUD Low-Rent Apartment Search 
Pittsburgh and Allegheny County PHAs
PA001   Pittsburgh Housing Authority   200 ROSS Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone:  412-456-5012   
Fax: 412-456-5027   Email:

PA006   Allegheny County Housing Authority   625 Stanwix Street12th Floor, PittsburghPA 15222

Phone:  412-355-8940    Fax: 412-355-8954    Email:

The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP)

In addition to HUD, the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP) has some good resources for finding affordable options for accessible rental housing and homeownership.


HACP Family Communities (Accessible Rental Housing)
How to Apply for HACP Rental Housing
HACP Homeownership Program (Must be current HACP Public Housing resident or Housing Choice Voucher Program resident)
HACP Contact Info 

Affordable Housing Website

For Women
Sisters Place  
YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh
AHRCO Property Management  412-687-6200 
Hearth 412-366-9801 
Dorothy Day Apartments  412-361-8114

For People with Disabilities
Action Housing  412-281-2102
Residential Resources Inc.  412-642-9033

For Renters with Disabilities 
 In PA it is required that a landlord (in private or public housing) make a reasonable accommodation for individuals living with a disability to make a unit accessible, such as providing you a parking space in front of your unit if you are unable to walk a distance. It is also required that landlords allow you to make reasonable modifications to your unit to make it accessible, such as an entry ramp or grab bars in the bathroom. You can learn more about equal opportunity housing hereIf you feel that you are being discriminated against in your current housing situation, learn more about your rights and how you can file a complaint here.

For Returning Prisoners  

There are several programs listed here