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Housing Success Stories

"Several years ago I lost several thousand dollars in roof repairs when I was swindled. But you came to my rescue and provided help. Please consider all of us to have been blessed in meeting one another."

–Sandra, Nazareth Housing Services Client

Susan from Wilkinsburg

Susan, a 63 year-old widow, suffered a back injury while at work and is now unable to maintain her family brick foursquare home in Wilkinsburg. Like many long-time residents of Pittsburgh neighborhoods, Susan’s home is beloved to her. It is where she raised her children and created her family, and where she now enjoys her pets, neighbors, and the sense of community formed over three decades of residence. Susan was determined to remain in her home, so Nazareth Housing Services stepped in to assure that the life she loves will continue, despite aging and injury. We were able to provide her with a contractor who replaced her leaking roof and gutters and repaired her deteriorating chimney, allowing her to once again be safe in her home. 

Joanne from Arlington

Oftentimes, family members and friends of disabled homeowners support their loved one with as many home repairs and general maintenance as they can, but sometimes that assistance is not sufficient to fulfill all of the home’s necessary changes. Joanne, who suffers from a back injury as well as memory problems from old head injuries, owns a home in Arlington that needs much more TLC  than she or her children are able to provide. Nazareth Housing Services provided her with a contractor who replaced several broken windows in the home for her, as well as installed a new bathtub surround. These changes made the home a much cleaner and more comfortable space for her and her son to reside. 

Three Sisters from Perry

Back, hip, and bone problems can be greatly debilitating for homeowners, especially those with older homes that need a variety of structural repairs. Three elderly sisters reside in a 3-story home in the Perry area that required maintenance beyond our means to address. Staying true to the CHFM mission and the Nazareth Housing services promise, we provided a plumber to repair leaks and re-pipe the home, as well as connected the sisters to the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh and assisted them with loan application to cover the costs of what we could not. 

Family from North Versailles

A home is supposed to be a place of comfort, not one where the safety of you and your loved ones is a daily concern. Western Pennsylvania is notorious for its steep hills, and North Versailles is no exception. Donna suffers from Lupus, a painful autoimmune disorder, while her husband sustained a brain injury that prevents him from performing many tasks that he could before his accident. They are unable to care for their home in a way that makes them feel secure about its livability, so Donna gave us a call. After a thorough home inspection, problem areas were identified and Nazareth Housing Services took action. A contractor was referred to fix their damaged roof and gutters, a set of steps were added that made their hillside yard safer to navigate, and because of these changes, Denise was able to qualify for an insurance settlement to add a retaining wall. 

Mary from Bloomfield

Ease of access to basic home amenities such as a bathroom or clothes washer is something that many who are not disabled may take for granted. When homeowners face physical disabilities, simple tasks like bathing become difficult, particularly in homes with multiple floors. Mary lives in a century-old home in Bloomfield and faces this very issue every day. Because her full bathroom is in the basement, she has trouble with steps and there was fencing outside of her broken cellar door, Mary would be trapped in her home in the event of an emergency. We provided her with a contractor to remove the fence, fix the door so that opened fully, and additionally replaced her leaking porch roof. These small changes allow her to be safer and happier at home. 

Kayla from Arlington

Nazareth Housing Services cares for those who care for others. Kayla lives in Arlington and cares for her young grandson who has Downs Syndrome. She is disabled herself, and their home requires costly repairs that simply cannot be covered by household income. In addition to assistance received from organizations such as the Pittsburgh Project, we were able to help Kayla with finding a contractor to fix her roof, which had multiple layers of shingles and rotten wood that had never been addressed as well as holes in the fascia that caused discomfort and worry about livability, especially with a small child. Now, Kayla and her grandchild can live peacefully and happily in their home.

Sarah from Penn Hills

Whether a homeowner’s necessary repairs are complex or simple, Nazareth Housing Services has providers that appropriately can assist with the maintenance. When 80 year-old Sarah suffered a slip and fall in her home in 2016, first responders had to break open a jammed interior door in order to find and help her. Now, although still mobile, Sarah walks with a cane and needs a little more accessibility than she was previously used to. The contractor we provided for her fixed the faulty door, installed a new door latch on her outside storm door, and added a grab bar in her bathroom to help her be safer and more comfortable in her home.

A Family in McCandless

In cases of multiple family members facing disabilities, it becomes even more crucial to obtain the home repairs necessary to make living circumstances safe and homes inhabitable. John's family is one such case. He is bed-ridden, his wife has moderate physical disabilities, and his daughter deals with a chronic illness. Prior to John's physical health deteriorating, he completed all necessary maintenance himself, but is now forced to seek outside help. The wood siding in their home was deteriorating rapidly, threatening to force the family out of their home and into separate facilities or locations based upon their health issues. Nazareth Housing services authorized a payment to purchase the necessary materials so that contractors of John’s choice could complete the repairs. 

Lisa from the Hill District

Family homes are often the most sentimental and important heirloom to children and grandchildren of homeowners. It is where they spend their childhood, form some of their most important memories, and learn how to love and grow. Nazareth Housing Services is committed to helping to preserve these places. Lisa and her daughter worked with us to find solutions for massive repairs to their family home in the Hill District. The contractors we provided replaced the roof and five windows, repaired the gutters and outside steps, installed a basement stair railing, and fixed crumbling brick work. The home is once more a safe place for the mother, daughter and grandchildren to visit and grow up in.