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we take feedback from families to heart + continually strive to exceed expectations

The Intergenerational Experience: Participant Quotes

“The preschool program at Mt. Nazareth is excellent. Sister Antonina’s imagination and creativity is outstanding. The children are exposed to music, crafts, books, and interactive activities… As one of the five “senior” volunteers, I have enjoyed immensely my time spent with these children.” -Sally S.

“Working with Sister Antonina’s children has brought a lot of joy back into my life. It amazes me how much she has taught them, and how fast they learn. The children are always eager to learn and they’re so loving.” -Karen K.

 “I have enjoyed being with the children on Wednesday mornings…It is the most [satisfying] part of my week. The kids really seem to enjoy our hour with them and the hugs at the end of the hour are priceless.”           -Mary S.

“Sr. Antonina’s Intergenerational Program is beneficial to the children as well as to us, the volunteers. It’s truly a “win-win” situation. The children receive the unconditional support from the volunteers, and return that gift with grateful hugs. The volunteers also benefit from contact with the children, [helping] us to feel useful and loved. Sr. Antonina structures experiences that enrich the spirits of the children as well as the volunteers… It’s also advantageous to the children who don’t have grandparents living close by. It helps bridge the gaps for the children who don’t have regular contact with their own grandparents. I thoroughly enjoy Wednesday mornings at the Learning Center.”          -Jane D.

If you or a family member are involved with our intergenerational program and would like to share your experience, please drop Sister Antonina a note or post a review on our Facebook page. Many thank for your time, support, and feedback.

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