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we take feedback from families to heart + continually strive to exceed expectations

Straight from MNLC Parents' Mouths

“What a blessing you have been to us over the past year! We are truly appreciative of all you do.” –Rian's Family


“I truly believe Mt. Nazareth has some of the best childcare instructors around.” –Beth S.

“I love the staff as do my kids and I have what is invaluable to me, which Is [going] to work every day and knowing that not for one moment do I ever worry that my children [are] not being well cared for. Thank you to you and your staff!” –Terri K.

“We wanted to thank all of you for caring so much for our children and family, especially through some of the more sensitive/challenging health issues/times! We can’t express enough how much we appreciate all of you for helping us raise our kids! We’ve always felt it goes beyond “a job”, that you truly care. We couldn’t
ask for more!” –Mike and Michelle L.

“First I would like to say that our family is forever grateful to you and all of the staff at Mt. Nazareth. Our daughter has benefitted immeasurably by being a part of the community at the center. You and your staff have been extremely supportive, caring, and loving, and have made our experience over the past four years exceptional.”
–Delmar and Kristin D.

“Thank you again for another tremendous year. We could not be happier with the staff at Mt. Nazareth. They genuinely foster a nurturing and caring environment to promote learning and confidence… Mt. Nazareth is well-oiled machine from top to bottom. The leadership shines through the teachers and staff members. We could not be happier with the directors, the teachers, and staff members. Thank you for making daycare and school a positive experience. We only have wonderful things to say about Mt. Nazareth Learning Center.” –Julie and Nate W.

If you are a former or current MNLC parent and would like to share your experience, please drop Michelle a note or post a review on our Facebook page. Many thank for your time, support, and feedback.

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