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strategies + benefits for families coping with Alzheimer's and other dementia diseases

Memory Care

Memory Care programs are often a part of personal care facilities that are directly centered around those with memory impairments, providing a range of services specialized to suit their residents' individual needs. Staff members work with patients to stimulate their memory using activities they may have enjoyed doing earlier in life, often using mementos, life-skills stations, or entire rooms dedicated to different decades to make the residents feel safe and at home. Memory Care facilities go above and beyond the accommodations of traditional assisted living centers.

Memories, Mementos, and Movement: The CHFM Memory Care Difference

  • Multiple life skills stations referenced around the 1930's-1950's provide residents with activities to reconnect them with their past, promoting nostalgia and a sense of comfort.

  • The Sensory Room is one of the most popular components, featuring different colors, lighting, music, and textures that work to engage and calm residents in ways that are adaptable to fit their specific needs.


  • Residents can participate in intergenerational activities, crafts, and games, giving them opportunities to interact with the children of the Learning Center while simultaneously encouraging interest and movement. They may also attend services in the chapel with an escort or spend time in the Prayer Room in the Memory Care wing. 


Bringing Memories to Life: Sensory Solutions to Memory Loss


Nostalgia is a powerful, beautiful thing. Residents will be enveloped by a sense of home through multiple life-skills stations focused on decades-past, allowing for the completion of day-to-day activities they may have experienced earlier in life. The Gentleman’s Room features a handyman’s work area complete with workbench and tools, allowing for the tinkering and toying that may have been all-important to your loved one. The Ladies Room provides a full, old-fashioned vanity station as well as clothing and costume jewelry that will bring about memories of youth and glamour.


Did you know?


More than 5 million Americans struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.


For every Alzheimer's Patient, it is estimated that an additional three people, most often family, provide support and care.


The Community at Holy Family Manor is rising to help meet the needs of affected families.

"We all want to be connected to someone or something."

–Lori La Bey, Founder of Alzheimers Speaks

Life Station Slide Show

Other stations include a movie-theater themed living area complete with an antique popcorn maker, a replica 1950’s diner, a bus stop, a mail room, and a patio with a variety of plants and opportunities for gardening activities. Tactile elements are positioned throughout all common areas including like-life stuffed animals, small percussion instruments, and stress-ball type tools. These stations and our aids encourage residents to perform simple activities with one-step processes. All have proven to be soothing mechanisms for residents. 

Managing your loved one’s cognitive impairment can be a tough process, but CHFM’s advanced Memory Care provides the specialized support and care that your family requires, down to the smallest of details like orientation boards and secured storage for family-provided toiletries in-room. To schedule a tour, or request more information, please contact Jennifer Kremin at 412.931.6996 ext. 6606.

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