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director of intergenerational programming at The Community at Holy Family Manor

A Note From Sister Antonina Gadacz, CSFN

After working with little children for many years and doing many activities at Community at Holy Family Manor, I believe that the intergenerational program is important. The children and the seniors work or play together. They learn from each other. I would describe those activities as “magical happenings.” 

The planned activities provide opportunities for the younger and older generations to interact with one another and achieve specific goals. Young and old persons are important in this program because they benefit one another. While they learn different things from each other, both children and the elderly continue to benefit from each other, and the results continue to be new and exciting.


Intergenerational activities give older adults chances to participate in meaningful activity, which decreases loneliness, boredom, and depression, while increasing self-esteem. For the children, interacting with the elderly helps them to improve social skills, such as communicating, problem solving abilities, and building friendships across generations.


Intergenerational activities help the children improve their academic performance. They gain greater empathy, compassion and understanding of physical disabilities and assisted living. Emotionally, they support each other by finding new friends. Learning and having fun together create unforgettable experiences for all involved!


-Sister Antonina Gadacz CSFN, 

Intergenerational and Pastoral Care Coordinator

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