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Our Staff are our Heroes

Our battle looks different from other healthcare workers as we fight against COVID-19. We’re fighting to protect our elders from the outside world. We’re fighting against depression and loneliness. We are fighting boredom and confusion caused by dementia and Alzheimer's. We are fighting the frustration of family members not being able to visit and families who feel disconnected and fear for their loved ones.

So until this crisis is over, we will give comforting words and do our best to create fun activities that can be done safely. We will hold the iPads and phones so loved ones can see their elder who is unable to communicate and reassure them everything is okay.

Staff will visit daily and provide reassurance, pray, sing, or just be there to comfort them. We will put on smiles even when our heads are pounding, we are overwhelmed by all the new regulations and added documentation, and we are fighting worry ourselves.

We will do what we can to make sure the outside world stays “outside” and our elders stay safe.

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